Club X-Mas Tree Sale

Hey folks we have less than 3 weeks to the X-mas tree sales Cut-off date of Monday November, 23rd. Please use the attached flyer to get orders from friends, family, school mates, neighbors, and co-workers. Remember to say these items are cut and prepared 1 to 2 days before the pick up date of Nov 29, they are guaranteed to satisfy, we know the grower from Ashe County, NC. Make sure you know whether the buy is going to come out and pick the items up or if you have to deliver them. Try to get the money up front. Sales goals are $120 for each playing member and coach with a $12,000 minimum over all Club Goal.

Sales Staff are:

  • Overall Club Sales – Jim Kellenberger
  • Venom – Tracie Sauers
  • Vipers – Theo Burkhead
  • Rattlers – Tommy Myatt

Thanks, Berger

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